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Self contained unit that allows the user  to understand the different aspects of development of an embedded controller product.

An eight channel Alarm annunciator with ISA sequences - a standard Industrial Product -is chosen for study – all hardware including the controller board, the interface boards, the fault simulation inputs, related outputs and power supply are laid out neatly on a panel, mounted on a frame. Suitable test points are provided for monitoring of signals
An ARM7TDMI controller, LPC 2148 is chosen as it represents state of the art features ,has the requisite I/O lines and is easily programmable.

Acrylic transparent windows ensure that the details of the PCB’s are visible to the user.
Detailed schematics of Controller and interface board along with descriptions ensure proper understanding of the hardware.

Flow charts along with source code illustrate the implementation of the required features.

An inter connection drawing shows the interface between the various modules constituting the unit.

Provision is made for connecting the controller board to an alphanumeric LCD display for user study.  Based on the inputs provided the user can develop other modules/hardware and write code for this, using the environment provided.