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 Fiber Optic Trainer kits



Optical communication has many advantages over the traditional electrical counterparts.  It is insensitive to electromagnetic interference, it offers ground and voltage isolation between the transmitter and the receiver,  it provides security from tapping and there will be no sparking at the connecting ends.

This trainer uses LEDs in visible range (660 nM) as transmitter, fast PIN-Photodiodes as receiver. A Plastic Optic Fiber (POF) is used as the channel connecting light signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Each of the transmitter and receiver are placed in a PCB mountable plastic housing. A  2.2 mm aperture is provided to hold standard 1000 micron POF. No fiber stripping is required. Microlens is a part of the housing.

Specification :

The trainer consists of

  • Sine and triangular signal source with variable frequency and amplitude.
  • A switch to select sine or triangular signal and connect to the transmitting circuit.
  • A variable POT at the transmitter offers the intensity adjustment.
  • A switch is provided to select the Optical receiver to be connected either to the power measurement circuit or to the signal receive and regeneration circuit.
  • Built in 3 1/2  digit display for measuring optical power in DB.
  • PMMA Fiber patch cords.
  • Circular bends for bending loss measurement.
  • L-bends with scale and mount for numerical aperture measurement.

 List of Experiments :

  • Study of characteristic of Fiber optic LED and Photo Detector
  • Measurement of numerical aperture
  • Measurement of losses in optical fiber

                a. Propagation loss
                b. Bending loss


Specification :

The trainer consists of

  • Sine, triangular and square signal source.
  • Sine wave signal with variable frequency and amplitude.
  • Pulse width and pulse position modulation and demodulation circuits.
  • Four channel Time Division MUX and DEMUX circuits.
  • PC to PC communication through RS232
  • Optical Transmitter and Receiver
  • PMMA Fiber patch cords.
  • Patch cords for connecting electrical signals.

 List of Experiments :

  • Pulse Width modulation, optical transmission, Reception and Demodulation
  • Pulse Position modulation, optical transmission, Reception and Demodulation
  • Time Division Multipexing optical transmission, Reception and Demultiplexing
  • PC to PC communication through PC serial port and Fiber channel.


The Principle of fiber optics needs to have an understanding of the basic principles of light and how it is propagated.Light is a type of energy called radiant energy that travels as electromagnetic rays.Radiant energy travels like waves produced in still water when a pebble is tossed into it.The waves radiant in every direction away from the point of where the pebble entered the water.Infrared,ultra violet and visible light is type of energy classified as light.

Technical Specifications:

  • Analog signals:250Hz,500Hz,1KHz sinusoidal signals,
  • All amplitude variables from 0 to 5V
  • Digital Signals:64KHz,32KHz,16KHz & 8KHz signals
  • DC:Adjustable over 0 to 5Volts
  • Simplex Fiber optic cable
  • Attenuation at 660nm:Typically 0.3db per meter
  • transmitter:Fiber Optic LED Wavelength:660nm,
  • Optical power:30 to 40 micro watts at 1f=10ma Receiver:FO-Phototransistor

Experiments can be performed with ALS-FOC-E-03

  • To study the VI characteristics of the FO-LED
  • To study the transfer characteristics between the DETECTOR and SOURCE with simplex cable
  • To study the attenuation in the given fiber optic cable.
  • To study the principles of Analog signal transmission and reception
  • To study the Time Division Multiplexing(TDM) with fiber communication system
  • To study the RS232 interface for PC communication,determination of Numerical Aperture of optical fiber(Mandrel Bending Loss)
  • To study the losses in optical fibers- 1 meter,1+1,1+5 meter using adaptor-(Bending Losses,air gap losses)
  • To study the loss due to air gaps in fibers with in-line adaptor
  • To study the voice interface in two optical fibre patch cards
  • Determinations of fV-numbers
  • Setting up a fiber optic analog line and study of PAM