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  • Tutor based on LPC2148 ARM 7 Controller
  • Speed:12Mhz default,up to 60Mhz with on chip PLL
  • Protocol supported
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Zigbee(1no)
  • GPS Module(1no)
  • Flash -512KB,SRAM-32KB
  • 320X240 Monochrome Graphics LCD included on board
  • UART for programming
  • UART for full UART
  • UART for RS485
  • UART for RS422
  • SD card interface
  • Onboard temperature sensor interface using LM35
  • 8 LEDs to display I2C
  • 4X4 Matrix keyboard
  • Stepper motor interface with on board motor
  • I2C compatible
  • EEPROM(64KB)
  • RTC with suitable battery
  • SPI compatible EEPROM(32KB)
  • Microcontroller LPC2148 provided as daughter board for easy maintenance
  • Buzzer
  • Different test points for each protocol
  • Software Features:
  • Tutorial for RS232
  • Tutorial for RS422
  • Tutorial for RS485
  • Tutorial for SPI
  • Tutorial for I2C
  • Tutorial for Zigbeee
  • Tutorial for GPS
  • Sample application for protocol:RS232(Serial communication)
  • RS422(Full duplex),RS485 (Half duplex) SPI (EEPROM) I2C(EEPROM)
  • Code compilation using SCARM



Mobile Communication Trainer is an easy medium of learning the fundamental concepts of Mobile communication like GSM/GPRS
The main focus  is that, the students should write their own programs to understand advanced mobile communication concepts like Call setup, SMS, voice,   and other GSM applications. Email application using GPRS support.


  • GSM transceiver board. GPRS support board.
  • SIM 900 GSM/GPRS family Modem.
  • Trainer Kit Based on ARM7 (LPC2148)
  • RJ11 Connector for Telephone Receiver Interface
  • Separate Headphone and Mic facility.
  • External Mic and loud speaker Facility.
  • 128*64 Monochrome Graphics LCD Display.
  • 20 Membrane keys with multifunction similar to mobile keypad
  • SD (Memory) card facility.
  • I2C compatible EEPROM & RTC Provided.
  • Battery Backup Facility with Battery charge Indication.
  • Serial Ports Interface :
  • 2 UARTS: UART0 and UART1.
  • Clock (Time Display) Facility using RTC.
  • Phone Book facility implemented in software
  • Add contact, Edit contact, Delete Contact.
  • Network Signal strength indication facility.
  • Service Provider Indication facility.   
  • Separate UART facility for direct communication with GSM modem. User can give AT commands directly to GSM modem through hyper terminal.
  • Buzzer indication for Incoming Call alert.
  • Current Temperature Reading through SMS.
  • Relay Driving through SMS.
  • Sending Email using GPRS connectivity.
  • Separate JTAG connector.
  • On board General Purpose area to built any circuit.
  • External Interrupt through key with LED indication.
  • Separate Reset Switch.
  • Micro controller (LPC2148) provided as Daughter Board for easy maintenance.
  • Programming through Auto and Manual Mode.
  • 24 Port lines available on connector for expansion.



FEATURES OF Cygnal Micro controller C8051F320:

  • The Cygnal Micro controller C8051F320 operating at a Frequency of 24MHz and a supply voltage of 3.3V.
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Function Controller with eight flexible endpoint pipes, integrated transceiver, and 1k FIFO RAM.
  • True 10-bit 200 kbps, 17-channel single-ended/differential ADC analog multiplexer.
  • 16k bytes of on-chip FLASH memory, 2304 bytes of on-chip RAM.
  • SMBus/I2C, Enhanced UART, and Enhanced SPI serial interfaces implemented in hardware.
  • On-chip Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor.
  • Four general-purpose 16-bit timers, PCA with five capture/compare modules and watchdog timer function.
  • On-chip voltage reference and temperature sensor.
  • On-chip voltage comparators (2).
  • 25/21 Port I/O (5V tolerant).


  • A 10-Pin FRC for controller’s C2 interface is used for Programming/Debugging.
  • Two types of USB connectors – B type and USB type connectors.
  • A low-noise low drop out Regulator to provide a voltage of 3.3V as required by the board.
  • A 9 pin D-type male connector CN5 is meant for power connection (+5V and GND).
  • A 9 pin D-type female connector CN1 is used for RS232C serial I/O interface for UART experiments.
  • RTC-DS1307 – I2C compatible (U6).
  • EEPROM – 24C16 – I2C compatible (U5).
  • 12-bit ADC – MCP 3202 – SPI compatible (U4).
  • 6 LED’s and 4 ways dip switch for programming.
  • 16X2 LCD interface.
  • 3 10-Pins FRC’s, all port lines are terminated for external use





  • 128KB flash program memory.
  • 4KB Internal Static RAM (SRAM).
  • 4KB of internal EEPROM.
  • 53 Programmable I/o lines.
  • On chip JTAG debugging and programming capability.
  • On chip In-System Programming (ISP) Capability.
  • Two 8-bit Timer/Counter and Two 16 –bit Timer/Counter
  • Capture, Compare and PWM modules.
  • On chip 8 Channel, 10-bit ADC module.
  • Dual Programmable Serial UART’s.
  • Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface.
  • On-chip Two wire Serial Interface (I2C)
  • Watchdog Timer with On-chip oscillator.
  • Eight external Interrupts.


  • Ethernet Interface (WIZNET 7010B+ or equivalent).
  • 16x2 alphanumeric display (LCD) with back light
  • On board switches and LED’s.
  • Circuit to test on-chip Compare, Capture, PWM and Analog Comparator.
  • RS232C Serial interface through on chip UART0 and UART1.
  • On-chip 10-bit ADC0 and ADC1 is used for 4-20mA current loop interface.
  • On-chip 10-bit ADC2 is used for voltage interface.
  • On-chip 10-bit ADC3 is used for ambient temperature measurement circuit using LM335.
  • Onboard interface to SPI compatible 12-bit DAC device and SD card.
  • Onboard interface to I2C compatible NVROM (Non Volatile Read Only Memory) and RTC (PCF8523).
  • A 10 pin FRC box connector for interfacing external GPS module using UART0/UART1.
  • A 9-pin Female D-sub connector for interfacing external GSM module using UART1.
  • A 9-pin Male D-sub connector for interfacing RS485 interface using UART1.
  • USB to serial interface using UART0 and onboard USB interface IC.
  • CPLD is used for counter operation and generation of chip selects for onboard interfaces.
  • Provision for JTAG and ISP for debugging and programming the controller.
  • Elegant enclosure with Test Points for monitoring.
  • Software examples compiled using ICC-AVR compiler.
  • Provision to interface ALS standard external interfaces through 26 pin FRC
  • Power supply required – +5V DC, 1.5A.