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ALS-GSMMODU-06  is a quad bank GSM/GPRS wireless modem which can be used with any standard SIM card and finds applications in SMS control, displays, data transfer, remote control and logging

Quad band - GSM 850MHZ
  -EGSM900 MHZ
  -DCS 1800 MHZ

GPRS  -Multi slot class 10 support

Coding scheme CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 & CS-4


Power supply - 9 to 15 V DC

Current -Peak 1.8A and average 0.35A

RTC  - with battery backup

SIM interface - supports SIM card 1.8V and 3V

Transmitting power -2W at EGSM 900GSM850
   -1W at DCS 1800 and PCS 1900

Interface  - TTL with all handshaking lines

Status indication -Through NETWORK led and POWER led

Operating temperature- 30 Deg C to + 80deg C