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Driver console unit
 FRONT display unit-LED matrix size 16 x 192
 Side display unit -LED MATRIX SIZE 16 X 144
 Rear display unit –LED matrix size 16x144
 Inside display unit-led MATRIX SIZE 16X96
 Bright SMD LED’s in a 9mm x 8mm matrix
 High Resolution readability
 Available LED Colors 
 Indoor, semi outdoor, outdoor day visible
Display format:
 Single line display
 Two line display
The driver console unit contains the GPS Module
 Languages supported
 Standard English characters
 Graphics (i.e kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & bitmap)
 Display system operates off 24V DC and draws 2.0A
 State of the art microcontroller technology
 Up-to 45 journey details can be stored
 One journey can have up-to 40 way points
 Journey details can be downloaded to LAS-GPSDIS01 from a PC
 The time & date is updated on the LCD display in the driver console
 The front display unit, side display unit, and rear display unit have 5 character static date(i.e route number)and remaining data will be moving
 The inside display unit will be displaying data in moving mode
 Optional provision for voice announcement of way points